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Kemi from past to present day.

Short bus tour around Kemi and Kemi’s river area tells stories how city has got its start from ancient times to today. How Kemi city started in 1869 and how wood factories changed the way of living in Kemi and Finland’s Lapland. During a drive we will see city services in center area, monuments & attractions and river area landscape.

Duration 2 hours.
Price 137,00 €
Language extra +15 % when guiding with other language than Finnish.

From Wood to Food 

On a buss tour we will find out history how wood factories have changed life in Finland’s Lapland. We will also learn history how lumber has been transferred to Kemi’s wood factories before railways and trucks. Short visit will be done in Vallitunsaari where coffee break is possible with stories of islands stories. On a return travel we will visit old Kemi Oy mainoffice  where can be now days found Kemi Oy’s heritage exhibition.

Tour duration is about 3 hours.
Price 201,00 €
Language extra +15 % when guiding with other language than Finnish.

Sea-Lapland bus tour

In Kemi and Sea-Lapland district in the summertime, the archipelago of Bothnian Bay is enjoyable on sailing tours. Bus tours in Sea-Lapland take you to three towns and three rural districts, depending on the duration of the tour. The cultural variation, changing landscapes and different attractions are to be seen on these tours.

At Sea-Lapland district there are three rivers famous for their big catches of fish: rivers Simojoki, Kemijoki and Tornionjoki. Their history and stories are worth hearing! Simojoki and Tornionjoki are famous for fly fishing.

Kukkola rapids at Tornionjoki  make a refreshing stop on your trip, where you can see the old fishing tradition: catching whitefish with a long-shafted net specially made for the purpose. Finlands longest river  Kemijoki, today harnessed by hydro power plants, has a long history of timber floating and enormous  catches of fish.

Bus tour duration: 3 hours
Price: 201,00 €
Language extra +15 % when guiding with other language than Finnish.

Prices are only for guiding and include Finland’s legal employer liabilities, holiday compensations and reimbursement of costs and expenses.

Bus prices, entrance fee and other costs are not included to price. On request we can reserve transfer bus and other services for additional price which will be added to price.

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